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Code of Conduct


Lincroft Little League expects the following standards of conduct and behavior for its managers and coaches. All managers and coaches in Lincroft Little League must adhere to this code of conduct.

  1. Encourage your players to play by the rules. Children learn best by the examples set by their coaches, so applaud play by both teams.
  2. Be a positive role model by showing good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and remembering the real reason for the game: To have fun!
  3. DO NOT ridicule or yell at players, coaches, umpires or parents.
  4. Always show a positive attitude, on and off the field.
  5. Remember that all rulings by an umpire on the field are final. If there is a question on an umpire's ruling you should call time out and get with the umpire and the opposing coach out of earshot of players, parents and spectators. Once the conversation is finished, get back to the game. Do not continue to discuss the matter.
  6. Emphasize skill development at all practices and continually work to develop less skilled players.
  7. No smoking while coaching. No alcohol before a game or practice. Absolutely NO alcohol at the field before, during or after a game or practice. LLL has a no tobacco policy at all fields during all practices and games.
  8. Speak positively of Lincroft Little League and support the decisions of the Board.
  9. Do not hold practices at your residence. Use fields and times allotted to your team by the league.


The Center for Sports Parenting

LLL strives to create a positive atmosphere where children learn the game of baseball or softball, develop values and have fun. All members of the LLL community have a role to play in creating this positive atmosphere. By giving careful thought to these codes of conduct and putting effort into living up to them, you can help create this positive atmosphere. Please read the Parent's Code of Conduct below and review the Player's Code of Conduct with your child.

    Your Child & Team:
  1. Be supportive of your child. Cheer them on at all times, especially when they struggle.
  2. Do not yell at or speak negatively to your child or their teammates in public.
  3. Do not coach your child or their teammates during a game (unless you are a coach).
  4. Do not ever let any player feel like they lost the game. The team wins and the team loses.
  5. Opponents:
  6. Never yell at or speak negatively to an opposing coach, parent or player.
  7. Do not engage in cheering that could be considered disrespectful to or might interfere with the performance of the opposing team.
  8. The Umpires:
  9. Never yell at, criticize or even offer advice to an umpire (even in a polite manner). Comments should be directed to your coach or a league administrator.
  10. Never blame the outcome of a game on an umpire. Umpire's decisions are not always correct, but successful players learn how to overcome those decisions, not use them as excuses.
  11. Your Coach/Team:
  12. Do drop off and pick up your child on time for practices and games.
  13. Do keep your coach informed about absences or late arrivals that can't be avoided.
  14. Do remain off the field and out of the dugout unless you are serving in an official capacity.
  15. Do help the coach or team parent out by volunteering for team duties. Make sure you are doing your fair share.
  16. If you are not satisfied with an aspect of your child's experience, talk to the coach about it at a time he/she can listen. Generally, this is not immediately before or after a game.
  17. The League:
  18. Understand that LLL only happens through the efforts of our volunteers. Be appreciative of their efforts.
  19. Criticisms should be directed to a Board member or your coach.
  20. If any confrontation does occur, please step in and act as a peacemaker.
  21. Never swear.
  22. All Lincroft Little League Sites should drug and alcohol free at all events.
  23. Shall not ridicule or demean coaches, players, umpires, or league officials.
  24. Parents will respect the decision of league officials.
  25. Consequences: Parents that cannot live up to this code of conduct will be prevented from attending games and/or will have their child's playing privileges suspended.


Lincroft Little League expects the following standards of conduct and behavior for all umpires.

  1. Fairly call the game based on you're best judgment of the rules (local and national) as established by the league.
  2. Communicate the rules of the game effectively to the managers, coaches and players.
  3. Respond professionally when asked for clarification of rules and judgment calls.
  4. Treat both teams and all players equally and fairly and ensure the rights of players.
  5. Treat managers, coaches, other volunteers, players and parents with dignity. Attempt to pursue positive approaches to dealing with all parties.
  6. Show good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and remember the real reason for the game: To have fun!
  7. Report to the Board any issues or problems beyond your authority or are unable to resolve.


Lincroft Little League expects the following standards of conduct and behavior of all players:

  1. Play for the fun of the game.
  2. Show good sportsmanship at all timeswin or lose.
  3. Respect your coaches, teammates, opponents, parents and umpires.
  4. Be a team player and get along with your teammates.
  5. Learn the rules of the game and play by them.
  6. Try your best at all times.
  7. Work hard and try to improve your skills.
  8. Never argue with or show disrespect towards the umpire or coaches.
  9. Be positive with your teammates. Don't criticize.
  10. Do not harass or act disrespectfully towards the opposing team.
  11. Regularly attend practices and games.
  12. Be on time.
  13. Do not throw bats or helmets. These actions can lead to an immediate ejection from a game.
  14. Do not intentionally hurt another player. This will lead to an immediate ejection from the game, suspension from future games, and/or dismissal from the team.
  15. Never swear or use profane language.
  16. Clean up the dugout after every game. Ask the coach what else you can do to help.


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