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Field Maintenance Plan

* General Field Rules ( Important) 
1. If puddles exist or your footprint makes more than a half an inch impression on a field contact Lincroft Little League to see if the field is playable. 
2. Please do not rake dirt and/or puddles on the grass. 
3. Please do not hit or throw balls directly into fences around the fields. Please use pop up nets located in the sheds for this activity. 
4. Please be respectful and cleanup any garbage around the field and dugouts.

* General Field Rules ( Important) 
Please fill in low spots around bases, home plate, and the pitcher's mound. 
When dragging the field please stay about 6" away from the grass edges. Getting dirt on the grass edges is what creates lips and then requires a much greater effort to remedy. If the infield mix does get on the grass edge you can use a leaf rake or hose to move the material back into the infield.

Field 2 Notes: 
All pre-game warm-ups should take place in the outfield.  Pitchers should always warm-up with catcher's in bullpens along the foul lines. 

You should only drag or rake base paths. ALWAYS pull in the direction of the base paths (long ways of the dirt toward the actual base), and never toward a grass edge. Avoid being overly aggressive and do not rake toward foul lines. This can create lips and low spots in the base paths.

All coach pitch and youth kid pitch games require the use of the turf mat over the grass just in-front of the pitcher's dirt circle so as to not to damage the grass.  This will prevent areas that can cause problems on wet days. 

  • 1. Drag infield, if needed.
  • 2. Even out the batter's box, pitching mound and base areas.
  • 3. Lightly water down the fields. Adding a bit of water on the chalk lines help them last longer.
  • 4. Install the bases from storage sheds.

  • After:
  • 1. Put away the bases in the storage sheds if no game is immediately following.
  • 2. Even out the batter's box, pitching mound and base areas.
  • 3. Drag infield.
  • 4. Put equipment away (rakes, drags, etc.) if no game is immediately following.
  • 5. Please cover mounds and home plate where tarps are available. 

  • Water Access:
    Field:1* Not Available
    Field:2* Water access is through the first basedugout. Run through the fence.
    Field:3* Located along the fence by the 1st base bleachers.
    Field:4* A water key is needed to access the water on this field.
    In the ground just outside the fence by 3rd base bleachers
    or in the ground just inside the fence past the 1st base line.
    Field:5* Located near the double gates along the 1st base line just past the bleachers.
    Field:6* Not Available
    Field:7* Not Available
    Field:8* Behind the backstop near the 1st base dugout in the ground just in front of the large metal box.

    Field Tip Video's:
    How to prevent a lip on the field.



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